About our Nappies and Nappies in General!

Below we have gathered together various bits of information on Cloth nappies, why we like them, and what benefit they can be to your family. Each of the below numbered points is a link to a specific page addressing common questions such as how to fit a cloth nappy, to how to wash them, to how do I stop leaks!

If you do have further questions we would be delighted to help. Please do contact us through the contact links on this website.


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1 - Why use cloth nappies? - Click Here

2 - How to fit your nappy - our Nappy Fitting guide - Click Here

3 - Advice on different types of cloth nappy - which to choose? Click Here

4 - Nappy Washing Advice - Click Here

5 - FAQs and Troubleshooting Cloth Nappies - Click Here

6 - Certification - Click Here