Qu: Where do your products come from?

Ans: We source our products from the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada and China currently and are currently looking to source more European designed and manufactured products, keeping the whole process closer to home!


Qu: I need advice on Cloth Nappies, where should I go?

Ans: We have a section dedicated to buying and product advice

Qu: Can I feel confident your site is secure and safe for me to shop on?

Ans: Our site is powered by Shopify. Shopify is one of the largest e-commerce site providers in the world. Your shopping experience will therefore be very secure.

Qu: What privacy policy do you employ?

Ans: You can find our privacy policy in the website footer below

Qu: What Terms and Conditions do you have?

Ans: You can find our Terms and Conditions in the website footer below

Qu: What payment options do you have?

Ans: Payment can be made via PayPal, therefore in any currency you like (if you buy the £ priced product and pay in another currency on PayPal, Paypal will convert the amount to your currency. We also offer our products on our site in Euros and Dollars (USD)

Qu: Why do you only deliver to within the EU?

Ans: Many of our products are fulfilled from the Amazon warehouses in the UK. Currently they only deliver to the EU. Once they expand this operation to more countries we will do so likewise.

Qu: Do your products come with any guarantee? What is your returns policy?

Ans: Our refunds and exchange policy can be found in the footer of this website...  We have a 30 day refund policy in place.

Qu: Will my order be taxed?

Ans: All prices are inclusive of VAT/Sales tax. Furthermore orders in the EU are not subject to any import tax as the goods are already in the EU.

Qu: Can I update, cancel or track my order?

Ans: Please let us know if you would like any of these services and we will be happy to help

Qu: What is your shipping policy?

Ans: Our shipping policy can be found in the footer of this website

Qu: Do you know what you are talking about when referring to the products?

Ans: Well that’s blunt?! In a word, yes! We are a family run business, with three small children ourselves. Many of the products have been road tested, or purchased, with an eye based on experience, sometimes painful, always messy!