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Different Nappy Styles


When starting out using Cloth nappies you will be faced with a choice of what nappy design to choose. We hope the little guide below will help you in making this choice.


Flat / Pre-Fold

Think DIY as you can simply fold a square-shaped flat cloth, hence the name.

This nappy style is what our grandmothers used. If you are on a really tight budget, pre-folds will come in handy. Though not too great on the convenience arena, this is the most economical style of a cloth nappy.

 You just fold this kind of nappy into any desired shape, attach it to your baby, and simply add a cover on top (often known as a “shell”)

 *There a lot of disadvantages with this style though, as you need something to attach the two nappy ends - these days a pre-fold nappy user would opt to use “nappi pippas”, as safety pins are definitely not seen as safe anymore!

Nevertheless, if you would like to use cloth for your baby, but would not want to spend too much - then a pre-fold will still serve you well.


Fitted Nappy

These nappies have the usual absorbent layers inside the nappy, but the outer layer is also of an absorbent material. These nappies are not waterproof therefore a separate external waterproof shell is often also needed.

It is called a “fitted nappy” because of the elastic on the leg part of the nappy. This nappy style often comes with an insert that provides extra absorbent layers.

Fitted Nappies come in Cotton Bamboo, Synthetic fabric or combinations while the outer cover comes in PUL (Laminated Polyester), Fleece or Wool.

The cover on a fitted nappy goes over the top. With the correct size cover, and the right inserts/boosters, you can expect around 4 hours, or even an overnight leak-proof use for this style of nappy.

This nappy style is often preferred for newborn babies as they are able to contain runny dirt better than other styles including disposables as it uses a separate cover that acts as a leak guard. They are made with several layers specifically for nighttime use.

Advantage - because of its outer waterproof shell - you can reuse this nappy over and over again, and simply change the fitted nappy inside the main nappy shell. This style also assures you that your baby will be kept safe from leakages while he is fast asleep during the night.


Pocket Nappy

The most popular style, and the one we predominantly sell the most of.

The nappy comes in two parts. Firstly the main nappy which is composed of an outer waterproof shell and a soft inner lining that goes against the babies skin.

 The term “pocket” comes about because this nappy style has a sewn in permanent place for your inserts, normally between the outer shell and the inner nappy lining.

A separate absorbent insert is fitted into the pocket. This insert absorbs the urine. Further protection can be found by adding an additional second insert on top of the pocket or by using tissue like liners that are good to collect solids and are placed between the nappy and your baby.

The inner lining, including the pocket itself, is made with soft fabric as it comes into contact with the baby’s skin. Inner lining in nappies often come in bamboo, and other eco-friendly, baby skin-safe material, or super soft polar fleece polyester.

In addition, the inserts come the same baby skin-safe fabric such as hemp, and bamboo. Bamboo material is known to wick moisture away from your baby’s bum that helps in keeping your baby’s skin safe from allergies or nappy rash. 

Aside from being safer for your baby’s skin and sensitive parts, inserts are highly absorbent and dry faster after washing.

Popper buttons and velcro are used as fasteners for the pocket nappy style. The velcro enables you to get a comfortable fit for your baby, though in terms of durability, the poppers prove to be more long lasting.

You should be able to expect each pocket nappy to last your baby from birth to potty training age. Proper care should be involved of course as with any other clothing.

Care/washing instructions and expert advice are always included in reputable nappy advertisements (we have another advice sheet on the website addressing washing and drying of nappies).

The pocket nappy style with popper buttons is most recommended in terms of cost, function and durability.


AIO - All-in-one Style

AIO’s are effectively the outer shell and insert of the pocket nappy rolled into one. Can be more expensive and take longer to dry than the pocket nappy but easier in that you do not spend time inserting and removing the inserts.

Poppers are also used in this style of nappy for comfortable fit and adjustments. You of course have the option to add in disposable eco-friendly or re-usable liners with this style too just for safety on those longer trips with your baby!


 AIT - All in Two 

Similar to pocket nappies these nappies have a waterproof outer shell and snap in inner layer.


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