Three Little Imps Cloth Nappy Fitting Guide

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Nappy Fitting - Guidance Sheet


This guide has been created for people who are new to cloth nappies and looking for a little guidance.

# 1:Fit insert into nappy pocket - Put insert into pocket at back. Check it lies flat within the pocket (for comfort and maximum absorbency)

An additional liner and/or insert can be placed on top of the inner nappy layer if needed (a liner can catch solids / and an extra insert can help absorb extra urine – this additional step is easier to do after step 2)


# 2:Adjust the size of the nappy to small, medium or large to best fit your baby / toddler


a - Clip together the              b - Clip together the               c - Leave the horizontal

bottom and top rows             middle and top rows              buttons as they are   

of horizontal buttons              of horizontal buttons             for the large nappy size

to adjust the nappy to            to adjust the nappy to                                                           

make the small size                make the medium size          




# 3:Fit the nappy onto your baby / toddler

 Place the nappy flat and open (with the wings at the back) on your change mat. Lie your baby’s bottom on the open nappy.

Pull the bottom part of the nappy towards their tummy and pull the nappy wings across their tummy, clipping together the buttons to suit the size of your baby.

The size of your baby will dictate how far the wings are pulled across


Small size: Nappy wings         Medium size: Nappy wings     Large size:Nappy wings

clipped together to                 clipped together to                 clipped together to    

make a small size nappy        make a medium size nappy    make a large size nappy



# 4:Check the comfort of the fit on your baby




a – run your finger around the inside of                  b – Suggestion - Allow the fleece

the legs – this should be easy but there                 lining to stick out at the back           

should be no large gaps                                         of the nappy to increase comfort

To avoid leaks the gusset should fit

around the legs like normal underwear;


Please do also remember babies come in all shapes and sizes therefore there may be some babies for whom a perfect fit is not achievable at every stage of their development. 

We are always on hand to help and suggest ideas if you suddenly discover issues with the fit of your nappy.

You are welcome to contact us at if you need further advice on washing and generally looking after your nappies

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